About us

360Phone is all about bringing a paradigm shift to how bad credit mobile phones are approved. We are of the opinion that no single individual in the larger UK should be denied an opportunity to own a mobile phone or be considered for a contract simply because their credit score is below average. At 360Phone, we endeavour to change the narrative, upset norms and ensure that we assist as many people as possible get approved for a phone contract.

From the very first time we entered the UK market, we have delivered what we promised, been a beacon of hope to many bad credit individuals, and believe that bad credit mobile phones are a platform through which individuals can improve their credit rating. Our customer personnel are always ready and more than willing to assist you understand everything there is about bad credit mobile phones, the benefits, the impact to your credit score down the line and so on and so forth.

In end, our key aim is in assisting you improve your situation while at the same time enjoying the services of a mobile phone you desire without worrying about your poor credit rating. We always go beyond the call of duty, are professional in every aspect and believe that no single person should be judged based on their credit score status.